Stonemasonry began in the Law family with Barney Law, my grandfather, who took on the trade when serving his time as a bricklayer in the 1930’s.

Barney took the skills and used them to great effect as he worked as a house builder. He passed his skills onto my father Danny when he came to work along with him. My father then saw there was a demand for stonemasonry and left house building to concentrate on the stonework full time using the old school methods and techniques he learned from ‘the old hand.’ He worked on projects throughout Ireland and as far away as New Jersey in America.

When I left school it only seemed natural that I would follow in my fathers and grandfathers footsteps and take up the tools to become a stonemason. After a year I decided I would return to school to study Design and Construction before returning to complete my apprenticeship as a stonemason. Day and daily in my work I use the knowledge skill and tradition bestowed on me by my father knowing that he also also worked his craft having learned at his fathers side.

Today I take that knowledge, skill and tradition and blend it with modern building requirements and practices to provide a stonemasonry service that is both contemporary and timeless. I work with my clients from the design process right through to completion using my knowledge and skill to ensure that their vision is set in stone.